General information

Please find enclosed the general information for customers and suppliers.

Order and Shipping related issues


Packaging / Labels / Documents
During a transition phase, goods may still carry the LANXESS logo or the LANXESS brand name, while invoices and accompanying documents will already reflect the new ARLANXEO name. This will not cause any problems from a legal point of view.

Open Sales Orders
All open orders are unaffected from the transition from LANXESS to ARLANXEO, except for open orders placed with Elemica,  LXS Deutschland GmbH and LXS Corp. Open orders placed with these two legal entities will be migrated automatically to the succeeding ARLANXEO entities. SAP order confirmations will not be reissued. Order numbers and material numbers will stay unchanged.
Customer using the Elemica platform, please contact your customer service representative for further details.

Migration of purchase orders


We will issue new purchase orders for open purchase orders for ARLANXEO Deutschland GmbH and ARLANXEO USA LLC on April 1st. The effected suppliers will receive a separate information stating details of these orders on this date. Starting April 1st, 2016, invoices for purchase orders created by ARLANXEO Deutschland GmbH and ARLANXEO USA LLC will be booked by the Accounts Payable department of ARLANXEO.

Online Portals


For the time being ARLANXEO will continue to use LANXESSOne so there will be no changes to your well-known ordering process via this platform. Apart from the additional ARLANXEO logo next to the LANXESS logo, your system access (IDs, entry data, processes, order masks) as well as the procedures will remain unchanged.

In general there will be no changes to the order processes you are familiar with. All existing DUNS numbers will remain unchanged, however, the two newly created legal entities ARLANXEO Deutschland GmbH (312505278), ARLANXEO USA LLC (080132206) as well as ARLANXEO Canada Inc. (253628739) will get their new, individual DUNS numbers as stated. Mind that the renaming of all existing legal entities to contain the new company name ARLANXEO may trigger minor system adjustments on customer side.

There will be no changes to the Email-address for customers using the Elemica QuickLink.

For open orders in Elemica, please contact your customer service representative for further details.


Procurement Portal

The Procurement Portal for vendors will remain unchanged and can be reached under:




Please contact your current customer service or business representative.