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High-tech athletic shoes with specialized rubber products from ARLANXEO

The Track and Field World Championships are taking place in London between August 4 and 13, 2017. This contest for medals is the global sporting event of the year, as athletes from all over the world compete against one another in 47 events at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Whether they are pole vaulters or runners, javelin throwers or decathletes, the track and field athletes have spent countless hours preparing for this moment so that they can give their very best. And the right footwear is indispensable for optimum performance. ARLANXEO makes a valuable contribution to high-performance athletic shoes, as our synthetic rubbers are used in various components of running shoes.

Athletes need the right shoes to do their best, whether running ten kilometers or an entire marathon. Selecting the most suitable model isn’t easy, since the shoes have to fulfill so many different requirements. Excellent cushioning is important because running puts the feet and joints under a lot of stress. Running shoes should also function optimally in all kinds of weather. High-tech components are essential for producing excellent shoes, which is why the world’s leading athletic shoe manufacturers use specialty rubber products from ARLANXEO.

There are customized rubbers for the different parts of running shoes, including the sole tread, cushioning components, and bonding. For the soles alone, manufacturers use a number of different rubbers. The outsole, for example, is made from blends of butadiene rubber, styrene-butadiene rubber, bromobutyl rubber, NBR rubber and natural rubber. These vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Traction, cushioning, and durability can be adjusted as required. ARLANXEO produces EVM rubber for cushioning components and chloroprene rubber for bonding soles. Even though these materials may not be apparent at first glance, they are crucial for a shoe’s quality.

Different blends can be customized to meet shoe manufacturers’ individual requirements. A running shoe is more than just a shoe, and each athletic brand has its own philosophy and vision. We work with our clients to find solutions – also for the sports shoes of the future. The market is constantly changing. At the present time, appearance is one of the things that matters. Contemporary, individual design is no problem with our rubber blends, which can be produced in an endless range of colors.

What will the athletic shoe market look like in the future? Our rubber experts expect a trend towards greater personalization, so that shoes can be tailored to meet individual needs. The competitors at the Track and Field World Championships already enjoy the comfort of the latest models. Whether you’re a professional runner or an amateur jogger, ARLANXEO rubber products are used in running shoes that meet every need. You don’t need to compete in a world championship to experience top performance.